Advice On Hiring The Right Labor & Employment Attorney

employment-labor-lawIf you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, you may want to discuss your situation with a labor and employment attorney. It can be difficult to find a good employment attorney, so here are a few ideas to consider as you do your research.

Be careful of one-person firms. If it is only one attorney in a firm, how are they handling all of their cases and still have time to take on yours? If they are advertising for work, who will be ultimately responsible for handling your case when you agree to work with that attorney? It will most likely be a legal assistant or paralegal, not the attorney. Even if the attorney is working on your case, how can they be effective if they are also juggling several other cases and is the only lawyer in the firm? To ensure you case gets the attention it deserves, choose a firm with several attorneys who share the workload. There may be certain attorneys who specialize in one area of the law, but they are all available to work on your case. It is not fair if your case is passed off to a legal assistant for any critical work. That should be done by your attorney.

IF you are searching online for a labor and employment attorney, verify that the attorney is located in your state or jurisdiction. Many attorneys who advertise online are not located where you are which can make it difficult when you have a labor dispute. Your attorney should be familiar with the rules and laws of your state. This is the best way to effectively represent you. If an attorney is not located in your area, they may simply refer your case to a partner firm or to another attorney who is paying them a fee for referrals. You want your attorney to know the local judges and the area where you live and worked.

It is also important to hire an attorney who specializes in employment and labor law. Some attorneys are generalists, meaning they take on all types of cases. This is okay, but may not be the best idea when it comes to handling your labor and employment case. Employment law is a very specialized field and the attorney must be knowledgeable about all statutes, laws, and regulations. You should also verify that the attorney is board-certified in employment and labor law. This means they are a specialist in this area of the law.


The Role of A Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney


Preserving the wealth of a client is the job of a wills, trusts and estates attorney. When we die, there are many entities that have a claim on our assets, from the Federal government, state governments, creditors and more.

The job of the attorney who works with wills, trusts and estates is to put together a plan where a shield of protection can be put into place to keep assets in the family as much as possible.

Consequently, the attorney will then meet with the owner or owners of the estate assets and help them to develop a plan of action. Typically a proper will is drawn up in order to legally set the stage for asset distribution.

Depending upon circumstances with beneficiaries and their status in life, various assets can be gifted to them prior to the death of the estate holders, more advantageously that if it is put off until the estate holder dies. it is possible that estate taxes will be more than gift taxes in many situations.

Last Will and TestamentA trust may be a very valuable vehicle for passing along assets, as non taxable trusts can be established to receive potentially taxed assets in order to pass those assets to beneficiaries. For example it is possible to place income producing assets into an irrevocable living trust where the asset becomes the property of the trust, and the income can be paid to a beneficiary.

The Federal estate tax currently has a $10 million dollar marital deductible for a husband and a wife, so only larger estates will be taxed. Even so, there are many states that have estate taxes, and then there is the cost of administering a larger estate.

The person or entity who is responsible as acting as the administrator of the estate can legally charge a fee, and it can be as much as 10 to 20 percent of the estate value. To be fair, it is not always a picnic to the that administrator, as it carries a good bit of detail and time, and there are legal considerations that have to be met.

While the attorney who specializes in the estate planning process serves a valuable need, in order for his or her efforts to be successful, the overall plan must favor the people who own the estate assets and their heirs. This is why it is never too early to start the planning process, because over time the look and size of estate values change.


Reclaiming Your Home with a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer’s Help


Foreclosures may have slowed as economic trends have improved. However, there are still homeowners that find themselves in the unfortunate position of falling behind on mortgage payments. This can be due to a job loss, death of a spouse or a divorce.

When hardships hit homeowners, banks and lenders are only kind and patient up to a point. Sometimes, they are not patient at all. They may ignore a homeowner’s written request for a modification or forbearance agreement and proceed to take the property through a foreclosure action.

When a bank deliberately ignores their own offer to give the homeowner a chance to modify their existing mortgage, or they fail to adhere to legal procedures in taking the home back, the homeowner may have defenses against these actions. One of the best ways to find out if you have been the victim of a predatory lending scheme and the unfair victim of an illegal foreclosure is to contact a foreclosure defense attorney in your area.

You will want to meet with an actual attorney on the staff to discuss your situation. Be sure to have as much paperwork as possible to back up your claim. In the free initial consultation, it can help the attorney better understand if you have an actual claim or not.

foreclosure2In some cases, less savory law firms will lure troubled homeowners in and ignore their allegations about illegal foreclosure proceedings. They will simply tell the homeowner to file bankruptcy and for just $500 all their problems will be solved. It should be noted that in some cases this may be the best course of action.

However, for homeowners who have been victims of unconscionable mortgage terms, or banks foreclosing on property that they have no actual proof of owning, meeting with an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer can be a lifesaving experience. Some mortgage servicers have already been sued for refusing modifications by using deliberate delay tactics.

There are plenty of reasons you may have a legitimate defense against a foreclosure action. Meet with attorneys that are licensed and have licenses that are in good standing. This is easy to check by asking your local bar association before meeting with the attorney. Also, the attorney should be able to disclose all fees and the manner in which you will be expected to pay them before you choose to work with them.